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Imperial Porcelain

Welcome to the Imperial Porcelain on line shop.  We offer the highest quality at the best prices.

We offer items from the famous Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in St. Petersburg Russia.  And we only offer the highest quality from the factory.  We do not sell grey market second quality product. 

Imperial Porcelain (formerly the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory) was founded in 1744 in Saint Petersburg pursuant to a letter from Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great, suggesting how profitable it would be to start a porcelain factory. At the time the only porcelain available was from Asia, and sold for more than gold because it was believed porcelain could remove poison from food. It became thus the first porcelain manufactory in Russia and the third in Europe.

The time from 1750 through 1830 showed huge innovation in casting techniques, design, and coloration. The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory incorporated the rich heritage and creativity of Russian art in its works. This factory is known for it artistic integrity. Some of the artists who designed for this factory are T. Afanasjeva, G. Shulyak, N. Petrova, O. Matveeva, M. Sorokin, and S. Sokolov.

The factory was taken over by the State after the revolution of 1917 and continued operation until it was privatized in the 1990's. As privatization spread a group attempted to gain legal control in order to loot the factory of the priceless items in its museum. One of these items is the dinnerware of Catherine the Great. This attempt was thwarted by the State and the museum was given to the Hermitage. No longer having any interest in the factory this original group sold their ownership, and then the ownership was again resold. The company went through turbulent period of mis-direction. Today the company is owned principally by a Russian oil company that is attempting to restore its artistic production.


In 1974 Lino Zampiva graduated from the Scuola D'Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza. His passion for painting and sculpture led him to create the fantasy world of Zampiva that has developed into an exciting and varied collection.The first models were sculpted in 1976 and soon became popular with discerning collectors worldwide.
The appeal of the collection is that each figurine is individually handcrafted and decorated by skilled artisans in the beautiful village of Montebello near Vicenza in Nothern Italy. By using traditional techniques you can be assured that no two pieces are identical and each one displays its own unique charm and elegance. 
The full collection encompasses character and animal studies depicting life, love and humour. Each piece carries the signature of Lino Zampiva, Your guarantee of authenticity